Play Parq Timeline

Play Parq Development Timeline

A day in the office can be tough!  Enter the Play Parq – part of our new work/play range.  Based on Flexiforms hugely popular Parq benching system, the Play Parq is the ultimate answer to a tough day at the office.   Have you finished your 5 hour long meeting?  Simply flip the worktop over and enjoy a variety of popular games.  For Clerkenwell we have opted for the classic Subbuteo – come and join us, try your luck and win prizes on the day.

Designed by: Basil King

Initial Concept Development

January Subbuteo Table Concept IdeasInitial Concept Ideas

Early concepts – working out the basic shape and fixing mechanisms.


Basic CAD models are created to gain an understanding of the design.


The importance of product testing should never be underestimated.  The Engineering dept test for several weeks.

February Concept Update

The challenge of recessing the pitch.


Further product testing is required.

Table Prototype

Table Top Location Holes

Location holes allow the table top to be easily secured to the frame.

Table top with inset Subbuteo pitchPrecision is needed, to get the pitch into place.


 Subbuteo Flip Top TableSubbuteo and the Pip Pod

Tabletop Secure BoltClose up on the secure bolt.

Subbuteo TableAs a Subbuteo Table.

Meeting Table and Pip Pod As a meeting table.

Clerkenwell Design Week 2017
More to come on this product!! Keep checking!!